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Transjurassienne Title
Transjeune ski race image


An unforgetable experience for the future champions

Jura Mountains
Jura Mountains Ski Map
  Wednesday January 20, 2016  

Ski map, Haut-Jura

The Transjeune got its name in 1994. This event is open to youths between 7 and 19 years of age.

Organized in collaboration with UNSS (Union Nationale Sport Scolaire) and UNSEP (Union Sport Enseignement Primaire), it serves as a selection test for young skiers from the Franche-Comté Region to become eligible for the French School Championships.

The Transjeune includes many races in one day: distances and time of departure are determined according to the year of birth of the participant.

Departure: Les Rousses College.


Race Participation

Individuals whishing to participate in the race should contact the Trans'Organisation to request a registration form with race regulations and medical instructions.

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