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Transjurassienne Title
Transjurassienne long distance ski race image


Ski event not to be missed

Jura Mountains
Jura Mountains Ski Map
  Sunday February 14, 2016  

Ski map, Haut-Jura

Day dedicated to free technique races:

  • Transjurassienne 68 km, between Lamoura and Mouthe, is the main event of the week. It is one of the stage of the international circuit of long distance races of the Worldloppet but also part of the national Marathon Ski Tour circuit.
    Departure at 8:30 A.M.

  • Transju'Marathon 48 km, between Les Rousses and Mouthe. It is one stage of the international circuit of long distance races of the Worldloppet.
    Departure at 10:30 A.M.

  • Transju 25FT, 25 km between Chapelle des Bois and Mouthe.
    Departure at 1:00 P.M.

A run, through the Franche-Comte countryside, with a 510 meter difference in altitude, with all kinds of obstacles: harshness of climate, sharp uphills such as the Risoux and the famous "Chalet des Ministres" climb, steep and tortuous downhills towards Bellefontaine.

Crossing of villages: Prémanon, Les Rousses, Bois d'Amont, Le Brassus, Bellefontaine, Chapelle-des-Bois,le Pré Poncet, Chaux-Neuve, Petite-Chaux.


Race Participation

Individuals whishing to participate in the race should contact the Trans'Organisation to request a registration form with race regulations and medical instructions.

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