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General Information

As though to make up for being further from the sea than the other French regions, Franche-Comte is blessed with a wealth of 60 lakes, which are an irresistible attraction to windsurfing, water-skiing, swimming, sailing and fishing enthusiasts.

Guide to natural sites in France

Jura Lakes Region

A wide open space and changing scenery, with water every where, designates the area between Champagnole, Clairvaux les Lacs and St Laurent en Grandvaux, called "Lakes Region".
It is a picturesque and touristic area of Jura, with its lakes, viewpoints and famous natural sites, such as Herisson's waterfalls. This region has protected its natural environment, and offers a wide range of open-air activities and water sports.
Route des Lacs (Lakes Route), a 150 km long drive, connects the principal interest sites of this area as well as the lakes.

Les Rousses Lake

Overlooked by Les Rousses resort, the lake is located at the footsteps of the Risoux forest at the altitude of 1,058 meters. Its depth is about 20 meters. It is frozen most part of the winter and offers a natural ice-skating rink. Summer is just as attractive a season as winter, where swimming, windsurfing and fishing can be enjoyed on the lake. Pedal boat and small non-motorized boat rentals are available.

Lake of "la Combe du Lac"

At an altitude of 1,152 meters, this is the highest lake of Jura, located few kilometers from Lamoura, a village in the heart of Haut-Jura region. During winter it becomes a natural ice skating rink. This small lake surrounded by a trail, is famous for skiing and it is the starting point of the Transjurassienne, a famous international cross-country skiing race.

Lake St-Point

With its 8 km long, it is the third largest natural lake in France. In the Haut-Doubs region, at an altitude of 900 meters, it is the largest mountain lake, often frozen in winter. Located in an open valley, the lake is accessible everywhere. Its numerous facilities make it the perfect setting for leisure and water sports. Motors are not allowed. It is the most popular water site of the Doubs department, 10 km from Pontarlier. A marked trail leads around the entire lake for about 20 km.

Lake Remoray

Located next to the lake Saint Point, it is a smaller lake and listed as a natural reservation, it is open for swimming. The Natural Reserve, located in Labergement-Ste-Marie, is dedicated to the plant and animal life found in Haut-Doubs, which has a remarkable fauna and flora.

Lake Bonnal

The lake is located in the Doubs department, between Besancon and the Haute-Saone. The Bonnal recreational area includes three little lakes along the Ognon river. The site is as popular for swimming as for fishing, windsurfing or canoeing.

Region des Mille Etangs

Land of one thousand ponds in the north-east of Haute-Saone, in the heart of southern Vosges mountains, near Luxeuil-les-Bains. The landscape has been modeled by ancient glaciers, which eroded the countryside leaving hollows that later became lakes of various sizes. A 60 km trail goes from pond to pond revealing a variety of stone, sandstone and granite buildings, a testimony of the region's past and present. This preserved nature is ideal for hunting, fishing and hiking.

Lake of Vesoul-Vaivre

3 km from the center of Vesoul, this artificial lake extends to 95 hectares. It is a very important recreational center of the region. The sailing center organizes sailing courses and a number of regattas during the summer season. A 5 km long trail borders the lake.

Lake Champagney

Located between Ronchamp and Belfort, next to the "One Thousand Ponds" region. The lake has an extensive water sports facilities. The Vosges mountains and the ponds are the best environment for hiking.

Malsaucy Lake

Located only 10 km from the city of Belfort, it is one of the most beautiful natural settings of the Southern Vosges mountains. It provides all kind of water activities such as windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, swimming and fishing.
Along with the water sports, the "Maison de l'Environnement" (Environmental Center) offers a complete program for nature discovery (exhibition, shows, seminars...).

Etang des Forges

Located at the doorstep of the city of Belfort, this lake provides many water activities such as canoeing, windsurfing, swimming... A nature trail leads around this lake where posted information boards explain about the flora and fauna to be found in this area.

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