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General Information

A picturesque and attractive region of Jura dotted with lakes, viewpoints and remarkable sites, such as the Herisson waterfalls.
The Lakes region offers a multitude of activities; trails throughout the area are ideal for hikers, horse riders and mountain bikers.
The Lakes Road (Route des Lacs) is 150 km long and connects the main places of interest in the area as well as the different lakes.

  Jura Lakes  

Lake Vouglans

Created when an impressive hydro-electric dam was built on the Ain river in 1968, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in France (35 km long). The lake has extensive facilities, including beaches (Surchauffant, Bellecin, Mercantine) and water sport clubs.
The "Pont de la Pyle" is a 351 m long and 74 m high bridge, crossing the lake.

Lake Chalain

At an altitude of 492 m it is the most beautiful and impressive of all. Located at the foot of a cliff, it is the largest natural lake in the Jura (3 km long and 1 km wide). Well suited for windsurfing, canoeing and swimming it is the best recreational area in of the Jura department. A great variety of fish makes it a fisherman's paradise as well.
A severe drought in 1904 revealed the vestiges of a lake community dating back to 5 millennia. Two Neolithic houses built on pillars have been reconstructed on the shores of the lake, using prehistoric techniques.

5 lakes of Le Frasnois

The Narlay, Ilay, "Petit et Grand Maclu" and Vernois lakes can be viewed from the majestic "Pic de l'Aigle" (Eagle Peak) scenic point; the view stretches across the entire Jura region. Another viewpoint called "Belvedere des 4 lacs" offers a view on these lakes.
Narlay lake is the deepest in the district with a depth of 48 m. It is surrounded by a trail and has a distinctive triangular shape. Ilay lake, also known as the "Motte lake", owes its alternative name to the small rocky island rising near the east shore. Recent archeological searches uncovered the existence of life on this island in the Neolithic time.

Lake Bonlieu

This beautiful lake almost entirely hidden in the forest is visible from a rocky ridge. It is the most picturesque of the area and a great place for fishermen. The village of Bonlieu is a departure point to view the Herisson waterfalls.

Lake Abbaye

One of the largest of the Jura lakes, in the heart of the Grandvaux area. A small beach accommodates summer activities, such as swimming, sailing and fishing. In the winter season however, it is often frozen.

Lakes Clairvaux

The greater and smaller lakes are linked by a canal and when the waters are high enough, the two lakes become one. It has a variety of water activities such as swimming, windsurfing, canoeing, pedal boats and fishing. The small town of Clairvaux-les-Lacs is on the north shore and some vestiges of prehistoric times have been discovered.

Lakes Val and Chambly

From the village of Doucier, the road climbs the Herisson valley, skirting the banks of these 2 lakes, before reaching the Aurochs Farm and the trail to the famous Hérisson waterfalls. The Herisson river passes through the 2 lakes, then flows into the Ain river.

Lake Antre

Located above the village of Villars-d'Heria, this lake is surrounded by forest, nestles at the foot of a cliff named "Roche d'Antre". From the top, the view extends to the lake and the Jura mountains. Flowing for 12 hours along an unknown underground path, the water of the lake then reaches the archeological site of Villars-d'Heria.

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