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City of St-Claude

The largest city and also the capital of Haut-Jura, Saint-Claude has 2 major assets: its exceptional setting and its location in the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park. Around St-Claude, some scenic points give a panoramic view on the surroundings.

City Center

The city center is crossed by the Rue du Pré, St-Claude main street where the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) stands. Most of the stores and boutiques as well as many cafés are located in this lively street.

Bridges in St-Claude

The city lies at the confluence of the 2 rivers, Bienne and Tacon, surrounded by forested mountains. Numerous bridges cross the rivers and offer some impressive views on the town and some picturesque views. The "Grand Pont" is the main entrance to the town.

St-Claude Icons

St Pierre Cathedral stands out between the surrounding mountains. It is architecturally, the most interesting building in Saint-Claude.
In the center of town, St-Claude has erected a gigantic sculpture of a pipe to glorify the pipe making, the first industry established in St-Claude in 1854. Pipe making, together with diamond cutting, gave St-Claude worldwide fame.


The Tacon river merges into the Bienne river in the lowest part of the city called "Faubourg Marcel", at the bottom of the steep "rue de la Poyat". It is a popular place for fishermen.
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