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Belfort Territory

The city of Belfort is divided by the Savoureuse river. On the east bank, lies the old town dominated by the fortified castle and citadel and the famous "Lion", symbol of Belfort. Numerous buildings from Belfort's illustrious past have been preserved. The heart of the city is now completely restored. Streets, alleys, squares and colorful houses alternate.

"Le Chateau"

Vauban's fortifications and the castle are a superb military stronghold housing the Museum of Art and History. Today this remarkable array of fortifications provides an interesting walk and extensive views of the surroundings. Sculpted from red Vosges sandstone by Bartholdi in 1880, a Lion sits on the cliff beneath the castle.

City Center

The Atria Congress Hall opened in 1995, offering a range of facilities specially designed for conferences, seminars and business meetings.
Place d'Armes is a lively square at the center of the old town.
The Epicerie Perello, opened in 1825, is one of the oldest grocery stores in France.

Malsaucy Lakes

Extending from the Vosges to the Jura Mountains, the Belfort Territory is an ideal place for nature lovers. Located at the doorstep of Belfort city, the Malsaucy area is one of the most beautiful natural settings of the Southern Vosges Mountains. It provides all kinds of water activities such as windsurfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, swimming and fishing.
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