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Arbois, the wine capital of the Jura, is a picturesque little town surrounded by vineyards. Its church towers, chateaux and old houses form a harmonious ensemble of brown roofs and ochre walls. The town is dominated by the Saint-Just Church square tower.

City Center

Place de la Liberte is a lively square lined with arcaded houses, cafes, restaurants and wine tasting cellars. A 19th century fountain with lions figures ornates the center.
Overhanging houses and stone bridges are a pretty sight along the Cuisance river snaking through the town.

Places of Interest

Arbois has a rich past and is proud to possess the "Maison Pasteur", the preserved house and laboratory of the great scientist Louis Pasteur, the inventor of pasteurization. Memories of him can be discovered through the town.
Chateau Pecauld, a medieval castle and partial vestige of the city walls, houses the Jura Wine Institute and the Wine and Vineyard Museum.
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