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General Information

This ski area is located only a few kilometers from the Swiss border and from the city of Pontarlier, capital of Haut-Doubs. Metabief Mont d'Or is the main ski resort of Haut Doubs, rated "Number 1" for the Jura mountains. It is well suited for both cross-country and downhill skiing as well as dogsled races.
The area is easy to get to and TGV Specials (high speed trains) run from Paris directly to the resort itself.

The resort is located on the path of the "Grande Traversée du Jura" (GTJ), a 200 km cross-country trail across the Jura Massif, from north to south, crossing the departments of the Doubs, the Jura and the Ain. The marked and well maintained trails are conveniently linked to numerous railway stations and villages where skiers will find various accommodation options.

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Métabief Mont d'Or

The resort stretches on the Haut Doubs plateaus at the foot of the Mont d'Or mountain. From the summit (elevation 1,463 meters), the skiers enjoy an exceptional panorama over the Alps Mountains.
Altitude: 1,000 m
Downhill skiing: a network of 40 km of slopes and 21 ski lifts (7 are chair lifts), makes downhill skiing available for skiers of all ability levels. Slopes levels are color designated and range from green for beginners (7 slopes), blue for intermediate (7 slopes), red for advanced (11 slopes) and black for expert (2 slopes). A night time slope is also available.
Snow boarding: snow park for beginners and experts and Boarder Cross
Cross-country skiing: 120 km groomed track and skating trails for all ski levels, offer 3 to 15 km hikes, skiing the Mont d'Or crest line or using part of the trail on the "Grande Traversée du Jura".
Snowshoeing: 55 km trails available for all levels and for pedestrians

The resort encompasses 6 villages:

  • Jougne, Altitude 1,020 m (about 1,400 inhabitants)
    Visit of the Wildlife Museum

  • Les Hôpitaux-Neufs, Altitude 1,000 m (about 740 inhabitants)
    One lighted trail for night time cross-country skiing, fitness center

  • Les Hôpitaux-Vieux, Altitude 1,000 m (about 350 inhabitants)
    Biathlon stadium

  • Métabief, Altitude 950 m (about 870 inhabitants)
    Movie theater, night club, bowling, horseback riding, visit to the cheese factory

  • Les Longevilles Mont d'Or, Altitude 920 m (about 374 inhabitants)

  • Rochejean, Altitude 907 m (about 560 inhabitants)
    4 downhill ski slopes

Downhill skiing in Metabief Mountain

Mont Blanc, Alps mountains peak

Metabief 6 village resort ski map

Les Fourgs

This village of about 1,200 inhabitants is located on one of the highest plateaus of the Doubs department, next to Switzerland. It has managed to keep its own individual character. Les Fourgs is famous for its dogsled races.
Altitude: 1,150 m
Cross-country skiing: 100 km groomed track and skating trails for all ski levels, 2 trails lighted at night. The "Grande Traversée du Jura" connects along 20 km the trails from Les Fourgs to Mouthe passing by Metabief
Downhill skiing: in 3 areas (Meuse, Granges Berrard and Les Rangs) with a total of 5 ski lifts and 9 slopes
Snowshoeing: trails available for all levels and for pedestrians
Dogsledding: dogsled rides, dogsled-driving training center
Biathlon: on skis or snowshoes
Sled area: 1
Others activities: horse-driven sled rides

Dog Sledding, Haut-Doubs ski resorts

La Fuvelle

These 3 villages, Malbuisson, Labergement Sainte Marie and Montperreux are part of La Fuvelle mountain. They are located next to Saint Point Lake, which provides a huge natural ice rink in winter.
Altitude: 850 to 1,100 m
Cross-country skiing: 95 km groomed track and skating trails between lakes and forest, so 11 itineraries for all ski levels (4 green, 3 blue, 3 red and 1 black)
Snowshoeing: trails available for all levels and for pedestrians

Ski map of La Fuvelle mountain villages

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