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General Information

This highly diversified region offers visitors a rich array of resources. It is a picturesque and touristic area of Jura, with a variety of natural sites which can be observed from numerous viewpoints. Its relief imposes a particular course to the rivers, which almost every one has gorges, drops or waterfalls.
The traditional way of life is best understood by visiting the various workshops and museums.

  Visits and Tours  

Belvedere de la Roche Blanche

Between the villages of Septmoncel and Les Moussières, this scenic viewpoint, at an altitude of 1,140 m, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the deep Flumen gorges, St. Claude, Septmoncel and surroundings.


Rushing water is one of the characteristics of Haut-Jura. In spring, when snow is melting, waterfalls offer all their magnificence. Near the town of Champagnole, the Lemme River drops 28 m in 2 successive leaps to form La Billaude waterfall.


The hike starts next to the camping site of St-Claude, 2 km from the city. The trail leads to the waterfalls of the Flumen River, emerging in the middle of a cliff, a very impressive sight in raining period.

Queue de Cheval

From the village of Chaumont, 4 km from Saint-Claude, a marked trail reaches the "Queue de cheval" waterfall, meaning "Horse Tail". The rushing water drops 60 m in two leaps set in a very pleasant setting.

Lacets de Septmoncel

Also called "Route de Geneve" (Geneva Road), this winding road along the Flumen gorges winds down toward St-Claude valley and offers a spectacular view. The construction of the hairpin road was initiated by Désiré Dalloz (1795-1869), a native jurisconsult.
"Chapeau de Gendarme" is a local geological curiosity. This mountain in the shape of a policeman's hat, after which it is named, is a typical example of the most remarkable Jurassic rock formation.

Bienne Gorges

From Morez to St Claude the Bienne River has carved steep gorges. They are best viewed from the top of the viaducts, using the railcar from Morbier to St-Claude.

Chalam Crest

Accessible from La Pesse, Chalam Crest is the highest point of southern Haut-Jura where a beautiful view extends over the Jura mountain ranges to the Alps. At the foot of the Crest, the "Borne au Lion", a Lion milestone, marks the historical boundaries of Franche-Comte, the Duchy of Savoy and the Kingdom of France.


A number of local museums give an insight into the development of many crafts and industrial activities in Haut-Jura...more info

Fort des Rousses

A former military post, this fort was successfully converted into one of the largest Comte cheese aging cellars. The old and more modern techniques of cheesemaking can be discovered throughout the visit.

Craftmanship Workshops

  • Pipe making and sculpting in several workshops in Saint-Claude.
  • Wood turning in Les Rousses, wooden toys in Les Moussieres, cabinet making in Lajoux...
  • Horn turning in Lavans-les-St-Claude, Lamoura and Jeurre.
  • Diamond cutting in St-Claude, Lamoura and Bellefontaine.
  • Pottery in Lamoura and Lajoux.
  • Clock-making in Champagnole.

Maison des Fromages

A cheese house in Les Moussieres, that demonstrates the various steps involved in the production of local cheeses.
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