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General Information

The variety of Haut-Jura's landscape, from lakes, rivers and mountains to valleys are an endless invitation to leisure and numerous activities.
In winter, skiers discover a nordic ski paradise and the beauty of its preserved wilderness. The famous cross-country ski race "Transjurassienne" is a major event in Haut-Jura, with thousands of participants from all over the world racing on 76 km (47.5 miles) between the villages of Lamoura and Mouthe.
Summer is just as attractive season as winter, thanks to the many lakes and rivers where swimming, sailing, canoeing, canyoning and fishing can be enjoyed. The natural beauty can be explored while hiking, biking or cross-country skiing.



In winter, cross-country and downhill skiing are the major activities in most of the villages and ski resorts of Hautes Combes of Jura, Haut-Jura and Station des Rousses, Monts Jura, Grandvaux and Jura Monts Rivieres.

Ice Skating

In winter, the frozen lakes of Les Rousses and Lamoura become natural ice rinks and ice-skating is available all year around at the indoor facilities of Premanon village.


The villages of La Pesse and Morbier provide marked trails to drive or ride a dogsled. Training courses in dogsled driving are offered by the day or by the week. La Pesse has a 12 km trail and Morbier 3 trails of 5, 10 and 15 km.


Snowshoeing is growing in popularity. It is an easy, gratifying way to access the snowy backcountry, on paths less traveled. Marked trails are found in the villages of Les Hautes-Combes and Les Rousses.

Alpine Slide

At the "Col de La Faucille", a mountain pass a few kilometers from Mijoux, a chairlift takes riders and their "toboggans" up the mountain. Each sled has a control stick that regulates the speed of the descent. There are 2 tracks, running side by side, one for beginners, the other one for speed lovers.


In summer, the Jouvencelles mountain slopes become a Devalkart run, non-motorized kart, for slope driving at controlled speed. To go up the mountain, the kart is hooked to the ski lift.

Ski Jump

Les Rousses resort has 3 ski jumps of different heights. They are available in winter for snow ski jumping and in summer for grass ski jumping.

Fort Adventure

Located around Les Rousses Fort, it provides 3 activity sites, from age 8 to adult, offering tree climbing, hiking the fort ramparts and other exciting and thrilling physical challenges.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

Over 1,000 km (625 miles) of paths are marked out throughout Haut-Jura and allow the discovery of the Regional Natural Park beauty. Hikers can choose from a variety of trails.

Monts Jura

Hiking on the crest of Monts Jura, astride the French Swiss border, is very impressive. On one side, the view extends to the Jura mountains, on the other side, on the Leman Lake, Geneva and the Alps.

River Trails

Hikers can discover nature on fairly easy trails. Some follow the course of rivers or streams; and sometimes lead to a waterfall. Haut-Jura natural setting provides such trails for the Flumen, Queue de Cheval and Combes waterfalls, located in the vicinity of Saint-Claude.

Abime Gorges

Near St-Claude, the Abime torrent rushes through the rocks in a set of spectacular gorges accessible by following a trail with successive ladders and footbridges. It is well suited for adventurous hikers.

Grande Traversee du Jura or GTJ

The GTJ VTT follows the ski trails of the "Grande Traversée du Jura". The GTJ is a relatively easy trail, conveniently linked to numerous railway stations and villages where bikers will find various accommodation options (accommodation visitors centers, country inns, travelers' lodging,...). It allows you to plan the kind of trip you like best (fun, challenge, ability), for a day or more.


A 29 km (18 miles) route in a picturesque setting, following the old tramway tracks, which used to run between Foncine and Champagnole.

Downhill Biking

In summer, ski slopes of Les Jouvencelles resort become downhill runs for the mountain bikers. A chairlift takes the riders up the mountain.

Water Activities


Bienne, Tacon and Orbe are first class rivers for fishing.
Canyoning is for adventure lovers. Waterfalls, gorges and canyons of Haut-Jura provide an ideal setting for this sport.


Fishing, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and swimming can be enjoyed in the lakes of Les Rousses, Lamoura, Abbaye-en-Grandvaux, Coiselet, Etival... Pedal boat and small non-motorized boat rentals are available in Les Rousses.

Aerial Sports

Ballon Libre du Haut-Jura, a hot air balloon club in Saint-Claude, offers rides over the area and maiden flights. It also organizes captive flights (the balloon is attached to the ground with ropes) for private parties, public fairs...
Hang gliding and paragliding in Saint-Claude and Les Rousses.

Other Activities

  • Horseback riding: numerous equestrian centers offer free range riding or guided rides.
    Haut-Jura can be explored on horseback along the "Grand Huit" (Big 8) signposted routes.
  • Tourism on bicycle: numerous circuits available (Grandvaux circuit, Haut-Jura circuit...).
  • Mountain climbing: sites in the Hautes-Combes (Lajoux, La Pesse) and Morez.
  • Tennis: in Bellefontaine, Longchaumois, Morbier, Morez, Les Moussieres, Les Rousses, Prenovel and St-Claude.
  • Archery: in Les Rousses.
  • Indoor activities: health center in Les Rousses.


4 km from Saint-Claude, the 9-hole course with bunkers and ponds, is surrounded by woods and has a magnificent view of the valley and surrounding area.
Les Rousses provides 2 18-hole courses: golf du Mont St-Jean and golf du Rochat, plus a mini-golf in the village.
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