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General Information

Surrounded by Switzerland in the east, Haut-Doubs in the north and Ain mountains in the south, Haut-Jura, with an altitude ranging from 800 to 1,600 m, is only a small part of the Jura Massif. It is the most authentic of French mountain ranges with its forests covering 80 % of its land, its villages nestling at the foot of the valleys, its farms scattered in the landscape, its famous "montbeliardes" cows and the sound of their bells... Its gentle hills make hiking accessible to all.
This highly diversified region, in the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park, offers plenty of opportunities for winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers in summer. Its natural beauty can be explored while hiking, biking or cross-country skiing.
The famous cross-country ski race "Transjurassienne" is a major event in the Haut-Jura, with thousands of participants from all over the world racing on 76 km (47.5 miles) between the villages of Lamoura and Mouthe.

Haut-Jura specialized successfully in many crafts and industrial activities. Unique to the area, they can be observed in many local museums, giving also an insight into their development.
The region offers a variety of products such as cheeses, salted meats, honey, etc. The local gastronomy offers such specialties as smoked and salted beef tongue, salted goat and "michons".

Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park was established in 1986. Since 1998 it brought together some 100 cities and towns from the Jura and Doubs departments in Franche-Comte and the Ain department in the Rhone-Alps region. They set a common goal to work jointly to develop and promote this area. The Park enhances the value of the local products, develops touristic sites, marks out trails, etc. It formulates management planning to protect fragile sites or endangered species, such a "tetras" (a type of grouse).

Jura Mountains
  Haut-Jura Towns and cities  


The largest city and the capital of Haut-Jura has 2 major assets, its exceptional setting and its location in the heart of the Haut-Jura Regional Natural Park. Both winter and summer attract visitors and it is the ideal departure point to discover the Jura mountains. Saint-Claude is also the capital of pipe making and diamond cutting... more info


This mountain area is the highest inhabited zone of the Jura Massif, at the border of the Jura and Ain departments. It is made up of 9 villages. Septmoncel, Les Moussieres, Lajoux, La Pesse and Les Bouchoux are the main ones. The area offers the most impressive panoramic views of the surrounding Jura mountains. Various winter sports activities can be enjoyed... more info


Located at the foot of the highest summits of the Jura mountains, only a few kilometers away from the Swiss border, Mijoux is the main village of the Monts Jura resort. It is well suited for both downhill and cross-country skiing... more info

Les Rousses

At an altitude of 1,100 m, the resort includes the villages of Les Rousses, Premanon, Lamoura and Bois d'Amont. It is a prime winter-sports center. For summer visitors, it offers lakes and forests... more info


This town of about 7,000 inhabitants stretches for nearly 3 km along the Bienne Valley, a narrow valley encased in rocky walls and dominated by impressive railway viaducts. Morez is the eyeglass capital of France, providing around 55 % of the French production. Its museum gives an overview of the 200 years history of this activity.


3 km (2 miles) from Morez, Morbier is known for its grandfather clocks and the delicious morbier cheese, named after the town.
Cross-country and downhill skiing is available on the spot and surroundings...more info


Located on the high plateau, Saint-Laurent is the largest town of the Grandvaux area. It is famous for its international lumberjack competition, which attracts a crowd of spectators every year on August 15. Felling, bark stripping and sawing skills are demonstrated. In winter, Grandvaux is best suited for cross-country skiing...more info


The town is the entry point to the Jura plateaus region, a short distance from the Jura mountains and Switzerland. It is a good departure point for excursions to explore the picturesque sites of the surroundings... more info


This medieval town lies in a picturesque setting, on top of a hill overlooking a vast pasture-covered plateau. It still has some concrete traces of its past such as a 15th Century gateway and the vestiges of some ramparts. Every summer, the town hosts a medieval festival with a spectacular parade.

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