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Museums of Technology
and Cultural Heritage of Franche-Comté
A special circuit includes 10 museums scattered throughout the region. The "Musées des techniques et cultures comtoises" (Museums of Technology and Cultural Heritage of Franche-Comte) tell and explain how the exploitation of natural resources, such as wood, iron, coal and water, was used to create crafts and industrial activities.


Verrerie-Cristallerie de la Rochère

This site is the oldest artistic glassworks in France (from 1475) still in operation.
View of the glass-blowers at work. Exhibit and film retrace the factory's history and explain glass-making.
Factory shop. Free entrance.

Phone: 03-84-78-61-00

Département: Haute-Saône

Cherry-country Museum

For 4 centuries Fougerolles has been famous for cherries and kirsch-making.
The ecomuseum presents distilling floors, an exceptional collection of stills, basketry and cooperage workshops (Films).

Le Petit Fahys, FOUGEROLLES 70220
Phone: 03-84-49-52-50

Département: Haute-Saône

Musée de la mine (Mining Museum)

The museum examines the miner's work, his social life, techniques and tools used in Ronchamp. More than 1,500 miners were employed here in the 19th Century.
Collection of miner's lamps and of everyday objects.

33 Place de la Mairie, RONCHAMP 70250
Phone: 03-84-20-70-50

Mining Museum
Département: Haute-Saône

La Forge-Musée (Ironworks Museum)

Home and work-place of blacksmiths from 1843 to 1977. The museum has preserved the forge with all its tools and the living quarters including the barn and stable, to bear witness to the blacksmith's double activity. (Film).

2 rue de Lamadeleine, ETUEFFONT 90170
Phone: 03-84-54-60-41

Département: Territory of Belfort

Musée de la Paysannerie et des Vieux Métiers

Peasantry and Ancient Trades Museum

25 rue de Villedieu, VALENTIGNEY 25700
Phone: 03-81-34 39 90

Département: Doubs

La Taillanderie (Edge-tool Workshop)

Specialized in producing scythes, it closed down en 1969. Hydraulic wheels, drop hammers and bellows are still in working condition and run during the guided tours. Listed as an Historical Monument.

Lieu-dit La Doye, NANS SOUS SAINTE ANNE 25330
Phone: 03-81-86-64-18

Département: Doubs

Les Salines (Saltworks)

1,000 years of salt history in Salins. Vast underground galleries shelter the working, brine, hydraulic pumping system (18th and 19th Century) which supplies the Salins thermal baths.
Listed as an Historical Monument.

Place des Salines, SALINS LES BAINS 39110
Phone: 03-84-73-01-34

Salins Salt Museum
Département: Jura

La Faiencerie de Salins (Exhibition "Land of the Potters")

An exhibition and a film present the history of the earthenware factory created in 1857. They explain the know-how, technical evolution and symbolic values of this crafts.
Factory shop. Free entrance.

20 avenue Aristide Briand, SALINS LES BAINS 39110
Phone: 03-84-73-01-45

Département: Jura

Les Forges (Ironworks)

Created in 1813 in an exceptional setting, and still in activity. One of the last 19th Century rolling mills is still in use. An exhibition and film explain its history and help understand the techniques used to make steel

SYAM 39300
Phone: 03-84-51-61-00

Département: Jura

Musée de la Boissellerie (Woodcraft Museum)

Housed in a renovated hydraulic sawmill, il presents the wide variety of uses of spruce tree for the production of cheese boxes, boxes for pharmaceutical use, skis and more.
Demonstrations and Films.

Phone: 03-84-60-90-54

Département: Jura

Musée du Jouet (Toy Museum)

Located in the heart of the Children Land and the Haut-Jura natural park, the museum houses a unique collection of 15,000 items, witness of 5,000 years of history. Movies (Boutique and Playground).

5 rue du Murgin, MOIRANS EN MONTAGNE 39260
Phone: 03-84-42-38-64

Département: Jura

Musée de la lunetterie (Eyeglasses Museum)

In 1796, a nail-maker's inventiveness gave birth to the eyeglasses industry in Morez. Two centuries later, Morez is still the capital of the French eyeglasses manufacturing. The museum exhibits 200 years of eyeglasses history, from the family workshop to a high performance industry.

Espace Lamartine, MOREZ 39400
Phone: 03-84-33-39-30

Département: Jura
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