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General Information

The spa town of Luxeuil-les-Bains was founded 2000 years ago in the north of Haute-Saone. The same thermal waters from volcanic origin are still famous today for their beneficial effects. They confer highly prized medical benefits and revitalizing power. The town is also known for lace making and its gastronomic specialty, the Luxeuil ham, marinated in salt and juniper and lightly smoked using fir tree sawdust.
Most of the monuments and old residences are built in red sandstone, a feast of architectural art, right on the doorsteps of the Ballons des Vosges Regional Natural Reserve. It is the touristic capital of the southern Vosges mountains and the Saone plain.


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Thermes Bath Spa

Thermal Baths, built in red sandstone in the 18th century, are set in a beautiful park. The waters are used for body toning, revitalization sessions and in the treatment of gynecological and venous illnesses. It houses a very modern "Aquatherapy center" open to the public.

Saint Colomban Abbey

Abbey rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries on the site of a former abbey founded in 592 by St Colomban. The cloisters were rebuilt in the 15th century.
They house the "Lace Making Academy" which welcomes all those wishing to learn or improve their skill in this craft.

Maison François I

This Renaissance mansion is not named after the king of France, but an abbot of Luxeuil. It is among the most exceptional landmarks in the town, alongside the 15th century house of "Cardinal Jouffroy" considered to be the most beautiful house in Luxeuil.

Saint Pierre Basilica

13th century Romanesque-Gothic church replacing the previous 11th century church of which some vestiges remain. The choir has a few interesting 16th century stalls.

Hotel des Echevins

A large 15th century building with elegant gothic facades. It houses the "Musée de la Tour des Echevins", the oldest French museum, created in 1673. It displays fine arts from the 19th and 20th centuries, Gallo Roman archaeology, lace from Luxeuil, temporary exhibits and paintings by Jules Adler and other local painters such as Courbet and Pointelin.

Maison du Bailli

The bailiff's mansion, on the square north of the basilica, is a beautiful gothic house dating from 1473. The courtyard is overlooked by a flamboyant stone balcony and a crenellated polygonal tower. It houses the municipal library and the Maurice Beaumont Museum, tracing the life and career of this historian, geographer and economist.

The Thermes neighborhood includes an entertainment complex with the Luxeuil Casino and "Espace Moliere" which houses a movie theater.
It is also the departure point for the "sentier des gaulois" (Gaulish trail), a 4 km itinerary guiding the visitors through all the historical monuments of the town.

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At the foot of the Vosges mountains, 9 km north of Luxeuil, Fougerolles owes its reputation to cherry growing (more than 40,000 cherry trees) and the cherry liqueur Kirsch made since the end of the 16th century. It is the Kirsch capital of the world.

Notre Dame du Haut Chapel

Set on a hill above the town of Ronchamp, 27 km south east of Luxeuil. The chapel, designed by the renown architect Le Corbusier in 1955, has achieved worldwide fame for its distinctly contemporary design.

Ecomusee de Fougerolles

Established in one of the first industrial distillery buildings in the area, this living museum presents an authentic kirsch production plant as it operated during the 19th and part of the 20th centuries. It illustrates the different distilling techniques and its related trades.

Mountain Museum

Located in the village of Château-Lambert, 34 km from Luxeuil, this museum depicts the way of life in the southern Vosges mountains. It is a traditional farmhouse with mill and forest related occupations of the past.

Glassworks in Passavant-la-Rochère

Founded in 1475, it is the oldest art glassworks still active in France. Visitors can observe the glass workers and watch the different phases in glass making according to the traditional "handmade" and "blown" methods. An exhibition and movie explain the various steps and special techniques involved in glass blowing.

Thousand Ponds Region

In the north-east of Haute-Saone, part of the southern Vosges mountains (a triangular area between Fougerolles, Lure and Col de Croix), the landscape has been shaped by ancient glaciers. They eroded the countryside leaving hollows that later became lakes of various sizes. A 60 km trail goes from pond to pond revealing a variety of stone, sandstone and granite buildings, a testimony of the region's past and present. This preserved nature is ideal for hunting, fishing and hiking.

"Saut de l'Ognon" waterfall

A 15 m high waterfall of Ognon river, coming out of a rocky gorge. It is located in Servance, 32 km from Luxeuil.

The "rasse" of Miellin (plank sawmill)

37 km east of Luxeuil-les-Bains, this plank sawmill is an example of the Vosges mountains traditions in Haute-Saone.
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