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General Information

Gray is built on the banks of the Saone river. It is the last major city in Franche-Comte before the Saone flows into Burgundy. The large stone banks testify to the importance of the town's trading position since the Middle Ages, its port having been the main trading center in Franche-Comte. The town is proud of its architectural heritage. Along the streets of the "old district of Gray", buildings and mansions present an interesting historic charm. There is a nice view of the town from the 18th century stone bridge. Today, Gray earns the "Station verte de vacances" status, recognizing its green environment. It is a popular place for fishing and water activities.


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Basilique Notre Dame

This gothic style Basilica was built from 1478 to 1559, with a bell tower typical of Franche-Comte. The porch was not finished until last century.

Chateau Musee Baron Martin

This art museum is located in the Chateau of the Count of Provence, brother of Louis XVI, which in the 18th century replaced the fortress belonging to the Dukes of Burgundy. The 12th century "Paravis Tower" is the last remain of the fortress and offers a panoramic view of the Saone Valley.
The museum displays some 1200 pieces of art from the 15th to the 20th century throughout 24 rooms.

Chapelle des Carmelites

The Carmelite chapel was built in 1667. Since 1978, it holds 8 centuries of sacred art in Haute-Saone, including paintings, sculptures, religious objects...

Hotel de Ville

This town hall is an elegant building dating back to 1568, with Renaissance arches and a beautiful varnished tile roof.

Esperanto Museum
"Nacia Esperanto Muzeo"

Opened in 1976, this museum includes archives and documentation rooms and a permanent exhibition devoted to the history and use of the inter-ethnic neutral language, from its creation (in 1887) to present. A library of books and reviews in Esperanto is available to visitors.

Tour St. Pierre Fourier

Named after a famous priest, this tower is known for its spiral wooden staircase, unique in France.

Gray provides quality facilities for boating: mooring points upstream and downstream of the weir, house boat and hourly boat rentals, river cruises...
The town is also proud of its sports centers which provide a wide range of activities.

Canoeing | Fishing | Swimming pool | Tennis | Mini golf | Hiking | Mountain biking | Horseback riding


Chateau de Gy

19 km east of Gray, it is an important feudal fortress. Property of the Archbishops of Besançon for 700 years, this castle has been rebuilt several times. It is now a private property and can be visited during summer.


20 km south of Gray, this village, among the 100 most beautiful in France, still has many remains from its past, such as the Saint-Hilaire church. The Ognon river is an open invitation to leisure and numerous activities such as fishing, walking and swimming in a countryside setting.


23 km north of Gray, Champlitte is an old fortified town set among vineyards in a green valley. The town is known for its castle-museum and the contrast of remains from different periods of its history: old line of the ramparts, cobble-stone streets, some Renaissance houses... The St Vincent Festival (January 22nd) has been celebrated here since the 18th century in honor of the patron saint of wine-growers. The town houses 3 museums:

Musee des Arts et Traditions Populaires

The Folk Art and Traditions Museum, founded in 1954 by Albert Demard, is housed in the town prestigious castle with a typical Renaissance facade enveloping an 18th century main building with rotunda. A 19th century town lifestyle is recreated through 40 rooms of traditional interiors decorated with objects from everyday life and activities from that period.

Musee de la Vigne et des Pressoirs

In an other part of the castle, the Vine and Winepress Museum goes back over the traditions of the Champlitte wine-growing region with its collection of winepresses from the 17th and 18th centuries, its distillery and barrel workshop.

Musee des Arts et Techniques 1900

The turn of the Century Art and Techniques Museum represents the real life of a rural village between 1900 and 1920 along its technological transformations. Two of the streets have been reconstructed to depict the life and work of shopkeepers, craftsmen and transport related professions (with displays of steam engines and old cars).
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