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Haut-Jura Museums

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"Musée de la Boissellerie"
(Wood Craft Museum)
Located in a restored sawmill, the museum gives a presentation of different traditional activities and shows the wide variety of uses of the spruce tree (production of cheese-boxes...).
Place: Bois d'Amont

"Musée d'Archéologie"
(Archaeology Museum)
Exhibit of objects discovered during excavation work in several Gallo-Roman necropolises.
Place: Champagnole
Phone: 03-84-53-01-01

"Ecomusée- Maison Michaud"
(Ecology Museum)
A typical 17th Century farmhouse of the Haut-Doubs region. Objects and photographs exhibit relating to agricultural activities and woodworking of olden days.
Traditional country bread making and sale.
Place: Chapelle-des-Bois
Phone: 03-81-69-27-42

"Maison du Parc du Haut-Jura"
(Haut-Jura National Park Center)
Discovery of the highly diversified Haut-Jura region (landscapes, fauna, flora, know-how, history, industries...) through a colorful and interactive setting.
Place: Lajoux
Phone: 03-84-34-12-30

"Maison du Lapidaire"
(Lapidary Museum)
Art, techniques and traditions in gems and precious stones cutting. Precious stones collection. Lapidary tools display and demonstration of their use.
Place: Lamoura
Phone: 03-84-41-22-17

"Musée de la Tournerie"
(Lathe Turning Museum)
In his live museum, Mr Michaud, last practicing horn and ivory-turner (sculptor), explains and demonstrates the history of turning since its beginning in the 12th Century.
Free entry. Direct sale of souvenirs and gifts.
Place: Lavans-les-St-Claude
Phone: 03-84-42-11-68

"Maison de la Flore"
(Flora House)
Seasonal exhibition of local flowers and plants. Collection of butterflies...
Place: Longchaumois
Phone: 03-84-60-66-94
03-84-60-62-39 (off season)

"Musée du Jouet"
(Toy Museum)
Located in the heart of the Children Land and the Haut-Jura regional Park, the Museum displays one of a kind collection of 15,000 toys. Films. Boutique. Playgrounds.
Place: Moirans
Phone: 03-84-42-38-64

"Viséum - Musée de la Lunette"
(Eyeglasses Museum)
Presentation of the evolution of this industrial activity. Eyeglasses collection from 1280 to present day. Exhibit of eyeglass frames manufacturing techniques and machines.
Place: Morez
Phone: 03-84-33-39-30

"Centre Paul Emile Victor"
(Polar Expedition Museum)
Europe's first museum dedicated to polar exploration. Stuffed animals (bears), Pole explorers's authentic equipment and objects. Models and documents on Eskimos, Lapps and on the conquest of the Poles.
Place: Prémanon

"Musée du Ski et de la Tradition Rousselande"
(Ski Museum)
Exhibition of sleds, skis and more
Place: Les Rousses
Phone: 03-84-60-51-13

"Musée de la Pipe et du Diamant"
(Pipe and Diamond Museum)
Presentation of the history of the pipe in St Claude and how briar-wood pipe is made.
Exhibit of diamonds and stones with display of tools used in gem-cutting.
Place: Saint Claude
Phone: 03-84-45-17-00

"Forges de Syam"
(Syam Ironworks)
Exhibition and video on the history of this industrial site and on the techniques used to process steel.
Place: Syam
Phone: 03-84-51-61-00

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