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General Information

On the doorsteps of Alsace, Germany and Switzerland, the Territory of Belfort is a land rich in history and heritage.
From the Vosges to the Jura Mountains, it is an ideal place for hiking, horseback riding and biking on 540 Km (350 miles) of marked trails, through its green countryside. It is the country of the hot air balloon.
In 1990, the high-speed TGV train, built in Belfort by the GEC-Alsthom group, broke the world rail speed record, reaching 515.3 km per hour (320 mph).

The city of Belfort is divided by the Savoureuse river into 2 distinct parts: on the river's west bank there are extensive industrial and commercial areas and housing estates; on the east bank, lies the old town dominated by the fortified castle and citadel and the famous "Lion", symbol of Belfort.


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Le Château

    Vauban's fortifications and the castle. A superb military stronghold housing the Museum of Art and History, with exhibits on the city history from prehistoric times to the present. Today this remarkable array of fortifications provides an interesting walk and extensive views of the surroundings. The terrace at the top of the castle, which is open to the public, offers the same view as the platform at the base of the Lion.

The Lion

Carved from red Vosges sandstone, 22 m (72 feet) long and 11 m (36 feet) high, The Lion sits at the foot of Belfort castle. Sculpted by Bartholdi in 1880, it commemorates the heroic defense the city put up against the Prussians in 1870, during a 103 days siege. It was listed as a Historical Monument in 1930.

La Porte de Brisach

Brisach's Gate, built in 1687 by Vauban, has been preserved in its original form. It bears the emblem of King Louis XIV, the sun, carved into the triangular pediment.

Le Centre de Congrès Atria

Atria Congress Hall opened in 1995, offers a range of facilities specially designed for conferences, seminars and business meetings.

Vieille Ville (Old Town)

Now completely restored, it alternates streets, alleys, squares and colorful houses. Numerous buildings from Belfort's illustrious past have been preserved.

Place d'Armes

Place d'Armes, the center of the old town, attracts people with its bars and restaurants as well as St Christophe Church, the Town Hall, the music kiosque built in 1905 and the "Quand Même" statue, erected in 1884 on the square in memory of the siege of 1870-71.

The Town Hall

"L'Hôtel de Ville" is the town hall, built in 1724. A beautiful staircase leads up to the "Salle d'Honneur" (Honor room) on the second floor, decorated with paintings illustrating the history of Belfort.

Epicerie Perello

The Epicerie Perello, opened in 1825, is one of the oldest grocery store in France.

Saint Christophe Cathedral

Built between 1727 and 1752 with sandstone from the Vosges Mountains. Saint Christophe Cathedral is listed as an historical monument. The second tower also known as clock tower, was added in 1845. It contains an organ of inestimable value, originally built by Valtrin in 1749.

Le Marche Couvert

Le Marché Couvert (Covered Market) is an example of the metallic architecture of the 19th Century. It meets all the expectations of buildings constructed in the Second Empire, with a monumental facade and a classical art pediment.

Promenade Francois Mitterrand

Promenade François Mitterrand, is a path crossing the town along the Savoureuse river, available by foot or bike.

Place de la Republique

Monument des trois Sièges, work of Bartholdi, depicts France and the city of Belfort with their three defenders: Legrand, Lecourbe and Denfert-Rochereau. It stands in the center of Place de la République, which houses the Préfecture, the Palais de Justice (Court House) and the Salle des Fêtes (Festival Hall).
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