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General Information

In the shadow of the castle, former residence of the Dukes of Wurttemberg, Montbeliard offers all the charms of an old Germanic Protestant town. After four centuries of occupation, the land became French again in 1793. Brightly colored Renaissance houses line entire streets, dotted occasionally by a sober protestant church or a public building.
This is a prosperous town. The Peugeot dynasty succeeded the Wurttemberg princes. Since 1810, Peugeot's successes in high technology insured the prosperity of Montbeliard and its satellite towns: Audincourt, Sochaux, Exincourt...


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Dukes of Wurttemberg's Castle

The castle was built in the 15th and 16th Centuries. Only the two massive round towers surmounted by lantern turrets, "Tour Henriette" and "Tour Frédéric" are of the period remainder. The rest of the castle was rebuilt in the mid-18th Century in classical style.
Inside the castle, a museum complex houses a historical tour, Gallo-Roman archeology, and Cuvier Natural History gallery.

Près la Rose Park

The park covers a 25 acres penninsula, between the Allan river and the Rhine-Rhône Canal in the center of town. It is a recreational park with various infrastructures including a plant maze, a climbing wall, several skate-board tracks. It is dedicated to science and technology and has a number of large structures such as the Galileo fountain, Archipelago structure (a solar clock). The Pavillon des Sciences or Espace Galilee is an exhibition hall and provides an introduction to scientific knowledge for all ages.


St-Maimboeuf Church

Built between 1850 and 1875 to commemorate the Roman Catholic Church's reconquest of this bastion of Lutheranism after Montbeliard was reclaimed by France.

Place St-Martin

The square, located at the heart of the old Montbeliard, hosts most of the town's major events, such as the "Lumieres de Noel" (a Christmas market in true German tradition). Many of the city's major monuments line the square.
Temple St-Martin. The oldest protestant church in France, built from 1601 to 1604, by Schickhardt, a Wurttemberg architect.
Hotel de Ville. The elegant pink sandstone city hall was built from 1776 to 1778
Maison Forstner with its Renaissance facade.


A 16-17th Century covered market with a distinctive roof and elegant facades.


The citadel built on this hill by Schickhardt was demolished by the French in 1677. This location offers a superb view of the city.

Navigation on the Doubs river and Rhine-Rhone canal is part of the European waterways system between Germany, Switzerland and the Mediterranean sea. Montbeliard is one of the stop-overs along the navigable waterways. The harbor, located in the heart of the city, in the prolongation of the Pres-la-Rose Park, provides anchor for 30 boats and rentals are available no license required.

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Peugeot Museum

The extraordinary story of the Peugeot company, located around the factory in Sochaux, an industrial suburb to the east of Montbeliard. Almost 200 cars, dating from 1890 to the present day are on display.

Peugeot Factories Tour

Sochaux is the largest Peugeot automobile factory production center. Visitors can see how the car is assembled on the production line.

Art and History Museum

In Hotel Beurnier-Rossel, a private mansion built in the 18th Century. The museum depicts the rich history of the city, bourgeois, Protestant and civic life and has a famous collection of music boxes.

Fort on Mont Bart

Located in Bavans, 7 km (4 miles) southwest of the city, this impressive military fort was built in the 19th Century. From the summit the view extends over the entire Montbeliard area.

Mandeure Archeological Site

8 km (5 miles) south of Montbeliard, the site displays the remains of a vast Gallo-Roman theater dating back to the 1st Century.

Chateau de Belvoir

A 12th Century medieval castle built on a fortified hill, overlooking the Sancey valley. It is one of the most beautiful fortified castle in Franche-Comte. The entirely restored apartments display significant collections of paintings and furniture from the 17th to the 20th Century.

Sacre-Coeur Church

A church in Audincourt, a southeast suburb of Montbeliard. Built from 1949 to 1951, it is one of the most typical examples of modern religious art, a major center for contemporary creativity. Architecture, stainglass and mosaics designed respectively by Novarina, Leger, Bazaine and Le Moal.

Dessoubre Valley

From the top of "Roche du Pretre" (Priest's rock) the view extends over the valley and a natural amphitheater called "Cirque de Consolation".

Musee de la Paysannerie et des vieux metiers

A heritage house in Valentigney, decorated as a typical 18th Century Montbeliard farmhouse with showrooms exhibiting craft and farming tools.

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