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General Information

Haut-Doubs is geographically well located and easily accessible from major French and Swiss cities. A rich architectural heritage complements the natural beauty, the region's biggest appeal. Several museums give an insight into the development of the crafts and industries of Haut-Doubs in addition to the works of traditional craftmanship which can be observed in the artisans' workshops. Visits are offered by producers of the traditional gastronomic specialties, such as cheeses and salted meat commonly used in regional dishes.

Jura Mountains

Chateau de Joux

Located 5 km south of Pontarlier, this castle guards the entrance from Switzerland. It sits atop Mont Larmont, at an altitude of 940 meters, overlooking a "cluse" (transverse valley) that cuts through the mountain. Once a state prison, the castle now houses France's most impressive arms museum. Every summer, the castle hosts the "Festival des Nuits de Joux" (Festival of Joux Nights), an outdoor theater.

Source of Doubs River

Near Mouthe, the Doubs River spring gurgles forth from a cave at the foot of a steep slope in the forest of Noirmont, at an altitude of 937 meters. It starts its course in a landscape of meadows and fir trees, before making numerous twists and turns.

Mont d'Or Summit

Mont d'Or summit offers a scenic view of its alpine meadows on one side, and of an impressive 200 m high and 1 km long cliff on the other side. It attracts hikers for the beautiful panorama extending to the Alps and Jura mountain ranges.

Saut du Doubs Waterfall

Spectacular waterfall of the Doubs River, 27 m high, classified as the first natural site in Franche-Comte. From the town of Villers-le-Lac, excursion boats follow the river's meanders through picturesque gorges.

Entre Roches Gorge

This site is located in the Saugeais valley, near Montbenoit. In this twisting gorge, the road cuts between craggy limestone cliffs, where two caves can be visited: Grotte du Tresor (treasure cave) and the cave of Notre-Dame de Remorot, which has been converted into a chapel and place of pilgrimage. The water of its spring is said to heal eye illnesses.

"Thue" Farmhouses

These farmhouses owe their original character to their huge stone and wood chimney, known as "tuye", in which salted meats are dried and smoked. Some of them are open to the public, like in La Cluse-et-Mijoux, Gilley and Maison-du-Bois-Lievremont.


  • Musee de l'Horlogerie in Morteau (Clock Museum)
  • Musee d'Horloges Comtoises et d'Automates in Morteau (Grandfather Clocks and Automatons Museum)
  • Musee de la Montre in Villers-le-Lac (Watch Museum)
  • Eco-musee Maison Michaud in Chapelle-des-Bois: rural museum showing the life of peasants in past times
  • Musee d'armes anciennes in Chateau de Joux (Ancient Weapons Museum)
  • Musee de la Meunerie in Metabief: old wheat mill museum

Natural Reserve of Remoray Lake

In Labergement-Ste-Marie, an exhibition devoted to the fauna of Haut-Doubs, i.e. stuffed animals, living insects, aquarium and more.

Centre Espera

In Pontarlier; an exhibition of cars made by the famous Swiss car designer Franco Sbarro.

Cheese Dairies

In Pontarlier, Mouthe, Metabief and Doubs, they are open to the public and show the various steps involved in the production of local cheeses.


Pontarlier and Chapelle-des-Bois are known for their distilleries. They produce the famous anise aperitif "Pontarlier", "Pontiane" made of gentians, but they also make mountain liqueurs: pine, raspberries...

Craftmanship Workshops

  • Clock and watch-making in Morteau
  • Bell foundry in Labergement-Ste-Marie and Morteau
  • Wood carving with a chain saw in Les Hopitaux-Vieux
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