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Art Museums in Franche-Comte

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Art Museums in Territory of Belfort

Museum of Art and History
The castle provides the perfect backdrop for the work of artists like Durer, Courbet and Maillol as well as collections dealing with numismatics, ethnography and archaeology. For the past several years, the museum has been actively building up its collections of contemporary sculpture (with work by artists such as Peter Briggs, Pascal Kern, Sylvie Blocher,...).

Address: Château de Belfort BELFORT 90000
Phone: 03-84-54-25-50

Gantner Museum
The museum displays paintings by Gérard Gantner as well as his personal collection of art objects. Oil paintings and water-colors reveal the work of Gantner over a 40 year period.

Phone: 03-84-29-20-73

Art Museums in Doubs

Architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux Museum
Arc-et-Senans Royal Saltworks: 60 models of what the architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux either built or dreamt of are presented in the only building which retains its original aspect.

Address: ARC-ET-SENANS 25160
Phone: 03-81-54-45-45

Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology
Located in the marketplace, right in the heart of the old town, the Museum offers extraordinarily varied collections.
Egyptian sarcophaguses, Greek ceramics, Gallo-Roman mosaics and bronze objects as well as an extremely rich collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and art objects display a panorama of European art from the Middle Ages to contemporary times. Also on display are works by famous painters like Goya, Fragonard, Géricault and Renoir, or sculptors such as Luc Breton and Rodin. Ceramics and precious objects add to the collections.

Address: 1 Place de la Révolution BESANÇON 25000
Phone: 03-81-82-39-89

Regional Center of Contemporary Art
Exhibitions of contemporary art (sculptures, paintings, photos and video installations).

Address: 19 avenue des Alliés MONTBÉLIARD 25200
Phone: 03-81-94-43-58

Museum of Art and History, Hotel Beurnier-Rossel
Built in 1773 by Architect Ph. De la Guêpière, the Hotel Beurnier-Rossel is a private mansion, representative of Basel houses in its global construction. The museum depicts bourgeois everyday life (the living room is listed in the National Register of Historical Landmarks), protestant life (a collection of liturgical pewterwares) and civic life as well as a famous collection of music boxes.

Address: Place Saint Martin MONTBÉLIARD 25200
Phone: 03-81-99-23-82

Museum of the Dukes of Wurtemberg Castle
Prehistoric artefacts and substantial Gallo-Roman and Merovingian collections, industrial heritage.

Address: MONTBÉLIARD 25200
Phone: 03-81-99-22-61

Gustave Courbet Museum
The museum was set up in 1974 in a 18th Century townhouse, the Hotel Hébert, located in an old outlying area of Ornans. The house opens onto a terraced garden along the Loue river. This house which has remained unchanged since Courbet's time, is now home to the Departmental Museum devoted to the artist. More than 40 works of the Realist School leader are displayed, including "L'auto-portrait à Sainte Pélagie", "Le Château de Chillon", "Le Retour de Chasse", and others.
Every summer, temporary exhibits are devoted to contemporary artists, such as Masson, Balthus and Buffet.

Address: Place Robert Fernier ORNANS 25290
Phone: 03-81-62-23-30

Art Museums in Haute-Saone

Georges Garret Museum
Numerous works by Gérome, archaeological displays (Gallo-Roman stelae) and paintings.

Address: 1 rue des Ursulines VESOUL 70000
Phone: 03-84-76-51-54

Museum of the Tour des Echevins
Fine arts displays from the 19th and 20th Century, Gallo-Roman archaeology, lace from Luxeuil, temporary exhibits, paintings by Jules Adler.

Address: 36 rue Victor-Genoux LUXEUIL-LES-BAINS 70300
Phone: 03-84-40-00-07

Baron Martin Museum
Displays on the plastic arts from the 15th to 20th Century, 17th Century Flemish and Dutch painting, 18th Century French school and minor artists from the 19th Century. Series of works by Prud'hon, contemporary art and archaeological exhibits.

Address: Château de Gray - Rue Pigalle GRAY 70100
Phone: 03-84-64-83-46

Glass and Crystal works
The oldest glassworks still in operation in France (founded in 1475)

Phone: 03-84-78-61-00

Art Museums in Jura

Municipal Museum of Fine Arts
Paintings from the 17th, 18th and 19th Century French schools, Italian and Scandinavian schools. Works by Brueghel the Younger, Della Vecchia, Horace Vernet, Courbet, Pointelin. 19th Century sculptures.

Address: Place Philibert de Châlon LONS-LE-SAUNIER 39000
Phone: 03-84-47-29-16

Local Museum of Archaeology
Temporary exhibits of major local archaeological collections

Address: 133 rue Rene Maire LONS-LE-SAUNIER 39000
Phone: 03-84-86-11-73

Museum of Fine Arts
Paintings of the 15-19th Century French, Italian and Scandinavian schools of art. 14-16th Century sculptures from Franche Comté and Burgundy. Contemporary art. Prehistoric, Gallo-Roman and Merovingian archaeology. Egyptology. Temporary exhibitions.

Address: 85 rue d'Arènes DOLE 39100
Phone: 03-84-72-27-72

Sarret de Grozon Museum
15th Century private mansion, modified in the 19th Century, formerly owned by the Sarret de Grozon family and donated to the town authorities in 1902.
Different collections, testimony to an art amateur's taste (landscapes by Courbet, Pointelin, a beautiful display of earthenware, wainscoting, furniture and 18th Century gold craft).

Address: 9 Grande Rue ARBOIS 39600
Phone: 03-84-66-07-45

Municipal Museum "Max Claudet"
Exhibits on fine and decorative arts and local history.

Address: Place des Salines SALINS-LES-BAINS 39110
Phone: 03-84-73-01-34

Museum of Archaeology
The museum displays Gallo-Roman collections and Merovingian furniture found in this region.

Address: 26 rue Baronne Delort CHAMPAGNOLE 39300
Phone: 03-84-53-01-01

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